New updates to CS 8100 3D help endodontists practice at the highest level


When endodontists invest in a CBCT system, they should seek to partner with a company that advances technology at the same pace as their field evolves. Carestream Dental not only designed its CS 8100 3D system with the endodontic workflow in mind, but is continually making updates in response to changing demands in the industry. Recent improvements to hardware and software, developed based on feedback from endodontists, help doctors practice at the highest level.

From the very beginning, the CS 8100 3D focused on the needs of endodontists with its HD mode (5 cm x 5 cm), which allows for even the finest details of root and canal morphology to be captured in ultra-high resolution for diagnostic and treatment planning with no additional dose to the patient above the standard 5 cm x 5 cm exam. This gives endodontists flexibility when striving to meet the AEE/AAOMR’s latest recommendations on dosage — i.e., “if a low-dose protocol can be used for a diagnostic task that requires lower resolution, it should be employed.”*

Another powerful software update that improves workflow for endodontists is the ability to open scans faster than ever before, in as little as 15 seconds, due to the full-function “preview” mode available while the full data set is being loaded. Additionally, 3D initial reconstruction times are now faster. These pertinent changes reflect Carestream Dental’s understanding of endodontists’ need for a timely and efficient workflow and its commitment to deliver meaningful updates for existing customers.

 Carestream Dental CS 8100 3D

The CS 8100 3D also delivers enhanced image quality through an algorithm change that updates the preset exposure parameters on all 3D programs. The parameters have been modified to maximize diagnostic effectiveness while maintaining adherence to ALARA.

In regards to hardware updates, a new 3D bite block has been designed to better position more posteriorly in the mouth, such as for third molars more centrally in the field of view when acquiring 5 cm x 5 cm exams. The new 3D bite block is offset both forward and laterally, as opposed to the standard 3D bite blocks, so larger patients can be imaged more effectively.

 CS 8100 3D 5 cm x 5 cm scan of mandibular left posterior with finding of buccal fenestration and periradicular lesion (tooth No. 20)

For extraoral bitewing positioning (and for panoramic X-rays), images often show large differences in head positioning from one patient to another; heads are tilted too far back, while others are too far forward. Improper positioning generates blurriness and deformations in the anterior region of the jaw. To address this, a new Frankfort guide bite block combines the existing 3D bite block design and the existing panoramic bite block to align the patient automatically with the Frankfort horizontal plane for optimal positioning of the anterior region of the jaw, thus ensuring optimal sharpness in this area.

Of course, with so many updates and advancements, Carestream Dental has equipped its 3D users with resources to help them take full advantage of their system. An educational web page,, includes many helpful videos. It also now features four all-new how-to videos focused on capturing and sharing images as well as customizing and sharing one-click reports. This focus on education not only allows endodontists to continue to take advantage of new features or expand upon their current features, but also helps their referring doctors easily access diagnostic information on mutual patients.

All endodontists strive to practice at the highest level and offer the best patient care. When they invest in the CS 8100 3D, they’re ensuring that their technology advances just as quickly as their own workflow and changing industry standards.